Meet the Sabertron™ Team

Masters at combining Internet of Things (IoT) Technology with real world interactive gaming.

David Lynch:  Sabertron™ Inventor, Founder

David Lynch has 17 years experience as a computer engineer. In that time, he has designed, manufactured and tested many computerized circuit boards, from the beefiest servers that run the internet, to power sipping mobile devices. His ultimate goal with Sabertron™ is to bring interactive gaming into the real world. You will not need to be glued to a display screen to interact with Sabertron™! You will move through 3D space. The world is your videogame.

John Davidson: Co-Founder

John Davidson has over 26 years of experience in custom software development, hardware integration, and IT services. As CEO and founder of EDGE Software, Inc., he has consulted with firms ranging from fortune 100 companies to start-ups, and served in roles ranging from CEO to front-line development. He graduated from The University of Texas at Austin with an Engineering Route to Business degree specializing in Electrical/Computer Engineering and Management Information Systems.

Tim Reichard: Co-Founder

Tim’s background includes experience as a Product Development Engineer working at Advanced Micro Devices (AMD). He has designed and developed software tools that are currently used worldwide. Tim has experience with c, c++, python, ruby, mysql, postgreSQL, and various open source software solutions.  He has taken on both the role of contributor and team leader. Tim’s current role with Sabertron has been to design and develop our website along with the integration of related services. He has worked on marketing, business relations, and was instrumental in our Kickstarter success. His credentials include a B.S degree from the University of Texas – Austin in Electrical Engineering.

Joe Mandy: Co-Founder

Joe is a graduate of Louisiana State University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering.  He works as a Systems Engineer at Dell, with over 16 years of experience in a variety of departments such as flash memory design, motherboard  design, product development, production level microprocessor testing, and program management. He also recently graduated with an MBA degree from St. Edward’s University in Business Management. In the MBA program, Joe gained invaluable experience and insight into Global Business, adding to his global experience at AMD and Dell. He is also fluent in both English and Spanish. In addition to his work and school experiences, Joe’s organizational, communication, and planning skills are highly valuable to the team.

David King: Co-Founder

David King has over 20 years of experience serving in executive, financial and operational roles for early-stage tech companies with strong functional experience in finance, accounting, legal, and HR. He has sold two startups to public companies and has been involved in a corporate restructure and refinancing.  He received an MBA from the Thunderbird School of Global Management, is a CMA (Certified Managerial Accountant) and has an Economics Undergraduate Degree from the University of Texas at Austin. He is currently taking the accounting hours necessary to sit for the CPA exam. David’s early-stage start-up experience makes him an important member of the team.