Sabertron One -- Two Sword Set

Regular price $99.00

Currently sold out!  Orders placed now are PRE-ORDERS and will be built overseas in early 2019 and shipped when they arrive in the US.

Each order is or a set of TWO swords in your choice of colors.

Patent Pending Gameplay: Swords keep score wirelessly to see who wins!  No extra gear required.

Intelligent: Swords employ advanced wireless sensors to distinguish between a harmless sword clash and a score on the player’s body.

Elegant: Magically powers up when you pick it up and goes to sleep when you put it down.  

Melee Capable: Multiplayer support for an unlimited number of simultaneous players.

Sounds Great: Large speaker produces loud sounds for clashing and scoring sound effects.

Lights Up: Dual-color (red/green) LED health meter indicates player health, and power LED indicates on/off, charging state, and low-battery state.

USB Rechargeable: Android-style Micro USB cable (included), with 750mAh Lithium Ion battery for all-day gameplay time with 30 min recharge time.

Built Tough, yet Lightweight: The core tube is polycarbonate plastic, which has high impact resistance and does not deform.  The core tube is covered with 1" thick foam and a cloth cover.  Measures 33" long with 2.5" diameter and weighs in at just 9 ounces!

Ages 15 and up.