How to Play Sabertron

Sabertron is the world’s first foam swords with integrated wireless electronic scoring.  Sabertron uses some of the same sensors as found in today’s smartphones to bring interactive gaming to the real world.  

 Step 1: Pick up your sword 

The sword will magically sense your presence and come to life, displaying the state of your integrated Lithium Ion battery, and your remaining health.  If your sword has been untouched for five minutes, you will have a full six bars of health, in a green LED color.  If your sword was last used in a game less than five minutes prior, your last game will be resumed, and you might have less than six bars of health.

hit somebody

Step 2: Hit somebody

Whenever you swing your sword and hit another player who is holding another Sabertron sword, they will lose a bar of health.  You will hear a clash sound on your sword and the other player will hear a “lose health” sound.  If the other player blocks your sword, both players will hear a clash sound and neither player will lose health.  If the other player hits you, your sword will lose health.  You can play with as many other players as you want.  It is fully melee capable!

If two players hit each other simultaneously at exactly the same time, neither player will lose any health.  This occurrence should be rare however, since Sabertron can detect a hit in as little as 6 milliseconds.  It should be able to tell who wins the point.

win or lose

Step 3: Win or lose

When a player loses all six bars of health, that player will hear a “lose game” sound effect and the words “You Lose!” from the sword.  The sword is deactivated until a respawn procedure is completed.  The winner is the player that is still in game mode after all other players lose.  There can only be one!


Step 4: Respawn

When a player has lost a game, the sword is deactivated and cannot be used to take health away from another player.  The sword will generate a very loud and annoying sound to ensure that you and other players know that your sword cannot take health from other players.

The sword can be reactivated in two ways.  The quickest way to respawn is to simply hold the sword upright and stay still for eight seconds.  The sword will count upwards until all six bars of health are regained and then you hear a “ding” sound effect.  At this point, your sword is reactivated and ready to be used against another player.  You must be careful to keep your sword pointed straight up and not move or get hit by an active player while you are in respawn mode or you will lose all your accumulated health and the sword will restart the respawn process.  You might have to get far away from the action to gain all six bars of health in a nice quiet corner of the playing arena. 

The other method to respawn is to put the sword down and don’t touch the handle for five minutes.

Step 5: Play again, then recharge the batteries

With your sword respawned, you are free to join a battle in progress or start a new game.  You can keep playing for several hours on a fresh battery charge until the Power LED turns from green to red, at which time you should put it on the USB charger for at least 30 minutes.  When on the charger, the green LED will stay lit to show you that it is getting power.  The Power LED will NOT go out when the battery is full.  You should remove the power from the sword after two hours maximum.

How Does Sabertron Work?

Sabertron creates a vortex in the space-time continuum which creates a proximity detection field centered around a person.  Just kidding.  They employ midichlorians, of course.  Lots and lots of midichlorians. 

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Tips and Tricks

Don’t bunch up when playing with multiple players

Sabertron’s scoring system employs proximity-detection devices to determine when a player is hit.  Therefore, a hit on one player can jump over to a nearby player.  If two players are ganging up on one player, it is quite possible that the two attacking players will take health from each other.  Any such coordinated attack must be done carefully so that the two attacker’s swords are not too close to each other. 

Don’t play near solid objects like trees or posts

A sword that hits a nearby object can transfer to a nearby player.  So, don’t let that player be you!  Stay away from large objects that the other player can hit.

Play outdoors

The Sabertron scoring system can see some electrical interference from things like fluorescent lights, ACDC power adapters and other indoor electronics.  Play the game outside, where it should not encounter any local sources of noise.  If you hear a “crackling” sound, that means that you are near a source of interference.

Don’t store the sword handles near metal objects

Metal objects near the sword handles can cause the sword to power on, thinking that someone has grabbed hold of the grip. 

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