Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How strong are the swords?

We expect you will wail on each other all day with these swords and have no issues. That is the kind of product we are aiming to produce. That is why we have polycarbonite blade cores, which are billed as “indestructible” and in our testing they are quite incredible. They are super light too, which is a big priority as well. We want to produce the toughest, lightest and safest foam sword possible. At well under a pound, they are amazingly light. As seen in the video, the sword blades bend a little when full force is applied. For the 4th generation prototype, we were limited to the rods that we had on hand at the time. We will work on improving the blade stiffness, finding the perfect core through research and application.  The foam formulation will primarily be set to best soften the blow, while also light and tough, but easily replaceable in case they ever get snagged on sharp objects.

Can Sabertron™ differentiate between 'player' and 'tree'?

Sabertron™ has an accelerometer that can detect when an impact has occurred. It uses wireless communication with the other sword to tell that it has or has not hit the other sword at that time. This is quite accurate for simple game play between two players. You can cheat with this simple mode, by hitting another object, like your own hand or tree, for example. But it’s not a big deal for a simple game and it is a lot of fun, even if someone decides to cheat. My kids do that to me all the time to beat me! That said, we are not done in the software and have some tricks up our sleeves to make it even better in two-player mode and even enable a three-player mode without a multiplayer adapter. More details on that as we test our ideas. The technology is very powerful and we haven’t yet taken advantage of all of it. And yet the game is still a lot of fun just as it is right now. Also, there are planned “melee mode” adapters which will be something to be worn on the chest of each player. This uses proximity detection to make cheating very difficult. That will be an accessory available about the time that the rewards are shipped.

Is it possible to get a combination of one medieval sword and one lightsword in a combo pack?

Yes, we will make that an option during the survey when the kickstarter campaign closes so you can mix and match.

How will the illuminated blade look?

In the video section of site, we have a few videos that show off the 4th generation prototype Lightsword.  As we iterate through prototypes we have continued to improve every aspect of the swords, including the LED illumination.  For the Grandmaster Sabertron™ swords the blade color through, use of LEDs, can be changed dynamically and brightness adjustable, along with special effects.  Sabertron™ will be the ultimate toy foam sword!

What about foam quality?

The foam that we are using for these prototypes are essentially pool noodles and are NOT the same foam quality that we will use in production. The pool noodles look good for the pictures and video, but are too stiff for fun sword play. We have many options for soft, light and durable “meaty” foams that will stand up to sword-to-sword hits just fine.

Will there be variants of other weapons, like Axes, short swords/daggers, or even Spears eventually?

Absolutely! Even better, we will make a module that you can attach to your own foam weapons, in case we are not moving fast enough for your interests.

For the Apprentice and Master Series Sabertron™, how do you switch between game modes?

Yes, the button will allow you to change game modes. A voice will announce the mode. We will have some video of this soon.

Will thrusting be supported as a type of hit?

Yes, absolutely! As a matter of fact, softer hits are used to do more damage when thrusting, because you never poke people as hard as you swing at them.

How does Sabertron™ determine a 'valid hit' versus a 'block'?

Sabertron™ has an accelerometer that can detect when an impact has occurred. It uses wireless communication with the other sword to tell that it has or has not hit the other sword at that time. This is very accurate for simple game play between two players.

Do you have some pictures of the medieval style?

The prototyping of these swords has been limited to the lightsword model because rapid prototyping of foam is not really possible. We were able to custom “3D print” the plastic handles, but the complex blade shape of the medieval version, while easy in production, is difficult to achieve in the prototype stage. We do have a youtube video that show a rough homemade version of the medieval sword: The core construction is the same for all versions. We will apply a different “skin” on top of the core design for each different model. We will re-use the engineering of the core construction and all of the electronics and software. We have carefully built the core to accommodate both designs.

Are the foam blades replaceable?

Yes, replacement blades are planned. They will easily slide off and a new one slid on. But not so easy that it will happen during a game.

Do you have any plans to incorporate a foam shield that could be linked with the swords for blocking?

Oh yes! Shields, armor, helmets, adapters for your own weapons and even some top secret ideas. We will go crazy.

Are game mode settings configurable? Is there a way to alter how many hits Sabertron™ will monitor?

In a way yes, since the built-in game modes allow for longer games.  The bluetooth app will allow for even greater flexibility, and the Grandmaster Series and better Sabertrons™ will offer easy configuration of game mode settings through the LCD screen.

Does Sabertron™ make sounds?

Yes! They make incredibly cool sounds, and loud ones. The sounds tells you more about your health status than the lights during real life game play.