Sabertron One Pilot Build Nearing Completion

We were forced to step away from Sabertron for a few weeks for personal reasons, but we are back and making progress on the pilot build.  

We are proud to say that we have built about 60 pilot production units to date, with another 30 close to completion. They have all been fully tested and work perfectly! That’s great news and it means that we can expect good yields as we ramp production. We will continue to test the finished units for a week or so before shipping the majority of the pilot build to our earliest backers who indicate that they want them. More on that process in the next update after the new webstore goes live.  

Below is a video of some of the production units in action, that was filmed just as we started the pilot build. We will now ship in several colors, red, blue, green, black and gray.  You can see multiplayer in action and some of the new colors that are planned.  

We continue to learn valuable lessons in the pilot build process that will help our first production ramp quickly and hopefully avoid reworks on thousands of units later down the road.  

Solved: Respawn Mode Logic Bug and Watchdog Timeout  

Thanks to having more swords to observe, we found a logic bug in the code that controlled the respawn mode. The bug caused the LED health meter to go dark for the next game and was very intermittent and only popped up during specific conditions. We were able to reproduce the bug on demand, and then develop a solution that we can’t seem to break. We also found a watchdog timer that was configured to be a tiny bit too short, and only impacting one sword, so we doubled its timeout. Watchdog timers reset the system in case it locks up. The good news is that outside of this issue, we have never seen the watchdog reset the board. It's only needed when something really rare or bizarre happens.  

Solved: USB Connector Alignment Issues  

The USB connector had been an ongoing problem thanks to an error in our PCB panel layout that will be fixed for regular production. However, there was another problem in the positioning of foam mounting tape on the back of the PCB which is there to keep the enclosure from rotating on the core tube. The foam was placed in the center of the PCB which was putting pressure on the PCB and shifting the USB connector. We are now placing the foam at the bottom of the PCB’s between the mounting screws to prevent any PCB flexing to keep the USB connectors aligned.  

Webstore Accounts Up Next!

We intend to send out new instructions to order your Sabertron One the next week or so. We will follow that up with another update to explain the ordering process with store credit.  

Sincerely, The Sabertron Team


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