Behold the Sabertron

Foam swords.  Electronic scoring.

Sabertron has wireless sensors that tracks blocks and hits to figure out who wins and who loses, with any number of players.

An elegant device that magically detects your presence when you grab hold.  Quick, swing away and go crazy! 

It's like laser tag, but with swords.

New Technology

  • Wireless Electronic Scoring

  • Unlimited Players

  • USB Rechargeable

  • 9 Ounces Light

  • 33" long, 2.5" Diameter Foam

  • Tough Polycarbonate Core


How is Sabertron played?

Pick up your sword and it will spring to life, then swing like crazy against your opponents.  Hits to the body will cause a loss of health to the player, while hits against a sword will not lose health.  The last person left standing with health is the winner.

How does Sabertron respawn?

When your sword has lost all health, you have to stand still and point your sword straight up for 8 seconds until your sword respawns.  Or, put the sword down for 5 minutes.   The respawn can be cancelled if another player hits you, so that you can't rejoin the battle until it is agreed by the other players.

How does Sabertron work?

Sabertron is a proximity detection device, that is better described as "hacking physics."  It utilizes sensors commonly found in a smart phone like accelerometers.

WIll they REALLY stand up to a beating?

We worked really hard to make Sabertron stand up to the abuse that you will undoubtedly unleash on your enemies, er, friends.  It has a nearly indestructible polycarbonate tube at it's core that we haven't been able to break, with a metallic fiber-reinforced foam.  All that with a weight of just 9 ounces for safety.

How long will the battery last?

The built-in lithium ion battery should easily go all day without needing a charge.  The included micro USB charging cable will give it a great charge in just 30 minutes.

How many people can play at one time?

The number of players in a multiplayer battle is unlimited.  But, be careful not to bunch up too close to one another or you could lose health points from a nearby strike.  Keep at least sword's length away from other players engaged in battle.